The simple way to master Payroll-Based Journal reporting and compliance

SimplePBJ™: Your one-stop shop for PBJ success

SimplePBJ™ (formerly ezPBJ™) is your complete, hassle-free solution to Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)  compliance. Now you can assemble, validate and submit any CMS-required PBJ report with one simple tool.

See what CMS sees, before you submit your PBJ report. Easily predict your Five-Star ratings 4-6 months early. Run “what if” scenarios to test staffing level changes. Benchmark your PBJ results against other facilities. Import and convert all your source staffing files for PBJ reporting and save your mapping for reuse next quarter. Easily add or update data missing from your files and create an audit trail of all changes.

Validate your PBJ report’s accuracy before submitting to CMS. Use our proprietary Error Checker to evaluate your PBJ file to flag issues that might cause CMS to reject your file. Create your PBJ XML file, ready for CMS submission, then submit your PBJ report in one click. Get notifications of successful submission and maintain your PBJ historical archive for easy auditing.

SimplePBJ™ is the simplest and most cost-effective way to master PBJ reporting and compliance.

With SimplePBJ™, you can:

  • Assemble

    Build a complete PBJ report from all your data sources

  • Validate

    Find and fix data errors, audit triggers and F-Tag issues

  • Predict

    Know your CMS staffing star ratings 4-6 months early

  • Submit

    Submit your completed PBJ file to CMS with a single click

What customers say about SimplePBJ™

“Submission was SUCCESSFUL! No errors! Couldn’t have done it without you.”

— Betsy F., Controller

“Thank you! Your software saved me from pulling my hair out!”

— Donna C., Director, Clinical Information Systems

“A superior, easy-to-use product and unmatched customer support!”

— Scott M., IT Director

“SimplePBJ™ is pretty darn amazing!”

— Linda B., Administrator

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  • Five-Star predictions for staffing
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Choose the right PBJ tool for you

SimplePBJ™ Pro

Need a complete solution for PBJ reporting? SimplePBJ™ Pro is everything you need for hassle-free PBJ compliance.

  • Assemble

    Build a complete PBJ report from all data sources

  • Validate

    Find and fix errors, audit triggers and F-Tag issues

  • Predict

    See CMS Staffing star ratings 4-6 months early

  • Submit

    Send your completed PBJ to CMS with a single click

SimplePBJ™ Essentials

A FREE tool for reviewing your PBJ data and Five-Star metrics and comparing your results to other facilities.

  • Compare

    Easily benchmark your CMS Five-Star ratings

  • Track

    Monitor your facility’s staffing trends and ratios

  • Benchmark

    Compare your results against other facilities


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