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SimplePBJ™ Pro has everything you need to analyze, assemble, validate and submit your PBJ report.


SimplePBJ™ Pro – The simple way to master PBJ

Everything you need to feel confident about Payroll-Based Journal compliance and staffing metrics.


Assemble your PBJ file.

Import and convert your source staffing files for PBJ reporting, then save your mapping for reuse next quarter. Easily add or update missing data and create an audit trail of changes.

Validate your PBJ data.

Verify PBJ accuracy before submitting to CMS. Use our proprietary Error Checker to evaluate your PBJ data to flag issues that might cause CMS to reject your file.

Predict your Staffing Five-Star.

See what CMS sees before you submit! Predict Staffing ratings 3-5 months early. Run “what if” scenarios to test staffing changes. Benchmark your results against other facilities.

Submit your completed PBJ file.

Create your PBJ XML file and submit to CMS with a single click. Get notifications of successful submission and maintain your PBJ historical archive for easy auditing.

With SimplePBJ™ Pro, you can…

Assemble PBJ data from multiple sources

Convert staffing data as needed

Check data compliance to CMS rules

Audit PBJ XML files before submission

Predict your Staffing Five-Star ratings

Run “what if” scenarios and benchmark your results

Submit your completed PBJ directly to CMS

Retrieve and archive CASPER reports

SimplePBJ is easily the best value-per-dollar software in the industry!

Director, HR Information Systems

Tools to assemble PBJ reports

Easily import and convert staffing data, then save your mapping for reuse next quarter. Add/update data as needed and create an audit trail of changes.

Import and all staffing source files.

Easily import/convert all source staffing files, including payroll and timekeeping, rehab and vendor files, XML, CSV, Excel, and more. Our Import Wizard steps you through the process.

Create reusable templates.

Map job titles and pay types to CMS codes. Split shifts at midnight for reporting and exclude non-direct care paid hours. Our Conversion Wizard saves your unique mapping for reuse next quarter.

Manually add staff if needed.

If applicable, add relevant contract/vendor staff, exempt staff not in time clocks, staff who spend partial time at the SNF, corporate staff, etc. Create an audit trail of changes with our Audit Notes

Manually add or modify hours worked.

Add any necessary salaried and contract hours. Split hours based on multiple job titles and exclude individual non-reportable hours. Create an audit trail of changes with our Audit Notes

Tools to validate PBJ reports

Our proprietary Error Checker scans for errors to ensure your PBJ report is complete and accurate before submitting to CMS.

Analyze staffing by job title, pay type and dates.

Use the Audit visual dashboard to review  job title, pay type and dates. Drill down and stratify by specific categories, and compare key metrics across all your facilities.

Run proactive CMS error checks.

Identify potential CMS submission errors in advance. Isolate detailed specifics for correction and view helpful correction tips. Rerun error checks until your file has zero errors!

Tools to predict Staffing Five-Star results

Forecast your Staffing Five-Star rating and determine the hours required to reach the next star level, then compare your PBJ results to facilities across the industry.

Predict your Staffing Five-Star rating.

See what CMS sees before you submit your PBJ report. Predict your Staffing star rating in advance, and uncover staffing strengths and weaknesses, so you can improve quarter by quarter.

See how to change your Five-Star rating.

Run “what if” to see how to change your Five-Star staffing rating. Use benchmarking tools to compare your PBJ Five-Star results to other facilities. Monitor staffing trends and ratios, and build competitive analyses.

Tools to submit PBJ reports

Create your final PBJ file, ready for submission, and submit to CMS with click. Get notifications of successful submission and maintain your PBJ archive for easy auditing.

Create your final PBJ XML report.

To prepare for submission, select the date range, process type, etc. SimplePBJ Pro compiles your completed PBJ XML file, ready for submission, so you can send to CMS with a single click. 

Submit your completed PBJ report to CMS.

Submit your final PBJ with just a click! Get email notifications of successful delivery and acceptance by CMS. Download and archive your Final Validation reports.

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