About Simple

Simple, period

8,000+ healthcare providers trust Simple for post-acute success.

Since 2003, Simple has provided easy-to-use, affordable analytics solutions to simplify post-acute regulatory compliance and reimbursement optimization.

Post-acute care is complex. Your software should be simple

We help providers improve compliance and reimbursement… simply.

Take control of your data.

We design analytics to help you maximize quality outcomes, compliance and reimbursement, while minimizing risk.

Streamline workflow.

We help you eliminate manual processes and simplify reporting tasks, so your staff can focus on quality care.

Optimize reimbursement.

Simple helps your organization ensure optimal reimbursement while delivering top-notch patient care.

Improve compliance.

Leverage Simple's expertise and built-in tools to ensure compliance in the shifting regulatory landscape.

We simplify healthcare information

At Simple, we create post-acute analytics software to simplify the complexities of regulatory compliance, reimbursement and quality measurement. Our clients include leading healthcare providers in all 50 states of the U.S.

Post-acute care software people love to use

Thousands of happy clients, 98%+ retention.

Clients love Simple.

Clients tell us they love using Simple because it drastically improves their daily workflow and reimbursement opportunities. 

Largest assessment database.

Simple has transmitted tens of millions of healthcare assessments, creating the largest third-party database of post-acute data.

Unique, real-time insights.

Find real-time opportunities for improvement based on our unique visibility into the clinical data of thousands of providers.

You own your data.

Your data belongs to you, we just help you analyze it. You'll always have easy access to your data files and records.

Clients are saying…

I would take Simple over any of the rest any day.

Regional Case Manager

I would not want to do my job without Simple.

Business Office Manager

Simply the best vendor care of any application we use.

Regional Vice-President

Make it simple, be remarkable

This has been our philosophy since Day 1.

Simple and remarkable software.

Our aim is to simplify healthcare information by creating remarkable software that clients actually enjoy using.

Accuracy and reliability.

We take our role of managing client data seriously, so you can count on accurate analytics and optimal reimbursement.

Simple business model.

We offer transparent pricing and free trials for all products, and never require long-term contracts.

Taking care of clients.

We love our clients and treat each user as an individual, with the goal of building long-term relationships.

Our history


SimpleCFS™ improves Texas Medicaid

Simple launched SimpleCFS™ to replace the cumbersome DOS Care Form System (CFS) for Texas Medicaid. Today, 90%+ of Texas SNFs utilize it to simplify Texas Medicaid.


SimpleConnect™ automates CMS file submissions

SimpleConnect™ enabled SNFs to submit MDS batches and manage CASPER reports online. Today, 5,000+ facilities have transmitted over 40 million assessments using it.


SimpleAnalyzer™ offers real-time MDS analytics

A first-of-its-kind solution, SimpleAnalyzer™ employs real-time, predictive MDS data so that providers can proactively improve QMs, Five-Star and reimbursement.


Briggs Healthcare acquires Simple

Backed by Briggs’ industry presence, SimpleLTC expanded our software toolset to help providers understand their data, make better decisions and provide better care.


Simple launches state-specific QM tools

To help SNFs meet and exceed the demanding requirements of state quality incentive programs, Simple released state-specific QM analytics  tools for multiple states. 


SimplePBJ™ joins the Simple family

With the addition of SimplePBJ™ (formerly ezPBJ™), providers can now simplify Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting, compliance, and Staffing Five-Star management.


Selman-Holman joins the Simple family

Selman-Holman's leadership in Healthcare Coding, Home Health, and Hospice provided new opportunity for both SNF and Home Health providers.


Netsmart acquires Simple 

Simple expands Netsmart's CareFabric platform, which offers post-acute providers a wide range of predictive analytics for regulatory compliance and reimbursement.


CORE Analytics™ joins the Simple family

With the addition of CORE, Simple now offers the SNF industry’s first real-time view of Claims, MDS and Staffing insights for PDPM and Five-Star success.


SimpleConnect™ for Home Health streamlines OASIS compliance

Leveraging our success in SNF analytics, Simple launched SimpleConnect for Home Health, streamlining the task of OASIS scrubbing and submission for home health agencies.


Post-acute success is simpler than ever

Today, Simple works closely with clients to simplify post-acute care workflow and compliance, motivated by our mission to “make it simple…be remarkable.”