Free PDPM Diagnosis ToolMaster PDPM diagnoses with this powerful free tool

To help you master PDPM, we’ve launched a FREE version of our powerful PDPM Diagnosis Explorer tool. Now you can:

  • Navigate 65,000+ ICD-10 codes
  • Validate PDPM primary diagnosis codes
  • Identify associated clinical categories
  • Explore NTA and SLP comorbidities for PDPM
  • Target ICD-10 codes for surgical eligibility

Try it now. Scroll down to start simplifying PDPM diagnoses with the SimpleAnalyzer™ Diagnosis Explorer…

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Try the SimpleAnalyzer™ PDPM Diagnosis Explorer

It’s simple! Type part of a diagnosis code into the search box and press Enter. Explore the color-coded tags for billable status and comorbidities. Use the buttons to specify NTA/SLP Comorbidities or Surgical Eligibility. Mouse over diagnoses to explore diagnosis synonyms.

Explore ICD-10 diagnoses for PDPM