Master PDPM and Quality Measures: Predictive MDS analytics make the difference

Maximize PDPM reimbursement, forecast Five-Star ratings, improve quality measures and reduce rehospitalizations. With predictive MDS analytics, you’ll easily see your opportunities in real time to maximize financial and clinical outcomes. It’s simpler and more affordable than you thought.

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“Very user-friendly, accurate information, overall makes my job less stressful. No-worry transmissions!”Reimbursement Specialist
“I’m 100% satisfied and couldn’t be more happy! I can access our reports and do my transmission work at the same time.”MDS Coordinator
“Your staff are awesome, the service is very affordable, and it does exactly what it is designed to do!”Director, Clinical Applications




Powerful analytics for MDS 3.0, PDPM, Quality Measures and reimbursement optimization.

Optimize and “scrub” MDS 3.0 assessments via a simple visual dashboard. Quickly analyze and improve Five-Star and QMs, and optimize PDPM reimbursement. Spot and correct problems in real time, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce audit risk and improve overall quality. Learn more »



Assemble, validate and submit Payroll-Based Journal reports, and predict Staffing Five-Star.

Easily import and build a complete PBJ report from all your data sources. Quickly find and fix data errors, PBJ audit triggers and F-Tag issues. Add or update data as needed and create an audit trail of all changes. Then submit your PBJ file to CMS with a single click! Learn more »


CORE Analytics™

Unlock the full potential of real-time SNF claims data to improve reimbursement and monitor performance.

Use your current claims data to recover lost reimbursement dollars and model future performance. Identify PDPM revenue opportunities using statistically modeled logic tests for Medicare and Medicare Advantage, guaranteed to improve reimbursement with an average 8:1 ROI. Learn more »


Florida QIP analytics

QIP Analytics (Florida)

Maximize Florida quality incentive payments.

Provides easy access to predictive data within your quality measures. Real-time metrics include resident data up to your most recently submitted MDS assessments. Learn more »

Texas QIPP Analytics

QIPP Analytics (Texas)

Maximize Texas QIPP quality incentive payouts.

Predict QIPP quarterly payments by company/facility. Analyze individual QIPP metrics and performance levels, and pinpoint areas for rapid QIPP improvement. Learn more »

California QASP analytics

QASP Analytics (California)

Maximize California QASP quality payouts.

Predict QASP payments and results. Compare target goals, 75th percentile and state averages. Optimize individual QASP quality measures and performance. Learn more »

Ohio OQIP Analytics

OQIP Analytics (Ohio)

Maximize Ohio Quality Indicator payouts.

Predict Ohio Quality Indicator Program payments by facility or year. Compare real-time performance to 60th percentile goals and target areas for rapid improvement. Learn more »

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Our solutions dramatically simplify your workflow while improving reimbursement.



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Simple helps you simplify and automate your processes while maximizing reimbursement.



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Serving 7,500+ SNFs, Simple offers complete analytics solutions for optimizing MDS, Five-Star, PDPM, Claims, and PBJ. Our affordable software solutions include an interactive Five-Star planner, real-time quality measures, survey reports, PDPM analytics/benchmarking, PBJ reporting software, Claims/PDPM reimbursement, and much more.

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