Madison Health saves time and money with SimplePBJ™

Ken BellSkilled Nursing

Madison Health and Rehabilitation Center is a 70-bed skilled nursing facility with private and semi-private rooms. Their dedicated team provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation based on well-defined, individualized plans of care. They are a network of six facilities around the Southeast U.S., including their Madison, Georgia location with 101 staff members.

The challenge

Madison Health & Rehabilitation spent a significant time searching for a tool to translate their various data sources into a CMS-compliant PBJ format. The combination of ease of use, comprehensive features and cost of SimplePBJ™ provided the answer Madison Health needed.

SimplePBJ™ results

Madison Health was thrilled with their results and will be expanding the use of ezPBJ throughout their network. Some of the outcomes they enjoyed include:

  • Streamlined operation. They saved many hours on their monthly reporting process
  • Painless process. Team members spent a total of six hours in the initial PBJ submission and require only 90 minutes for subsequent submissions.
  • Initial Quality Check. SimplePBJ™ gave Madison Health a preview of one of the key metrics in their Five-Star Quality rating.
  • Low cost of submission. SimplePBJ™ was the lowest cost option Madison Health researched.

SimplePBJ™ helped Madison Health comply with CMS PBJ requirements well in advance of the submission deadline, without major disruption to administrative and reporting process.


  • Long-term care

PBJ challenge

  • Work shifts over midnight
  • Admin staff gives direct care
  • Outdated time clock system


  • Madison Health implemented SimplePBJ™ at their Madison, Georgia location, then expanded it throughout their network.

Bottom line

  • Translated time clock data
  • Successfully uploaded PBJ files to CMS
  • Streamlined overall operations