Instantly predict your Staffing Five-Star

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How to use ezPBJ’S real-time Five-Star predictor ezPBJ’s Five-Star Staffing Projections show your expected Five-Star rating for the active, current quarter – anywhere from 4 to 6 months before CMS publishes your rating to Nursing Home Compare. The staffing Five-Star projection is built on multiple data points, including: Reported PBJ … Read More

Weekends are now made for PBJ

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In its recent letter to State Survey directors, CMS announced an increased focus on nurse staffing levels and sharing of Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data with state survey agencies. States will be notified of underperforming facilities, for issues including: Facilities with “low” nurse staffing on weekends Facilities showing days without an on-site RN (possible … Read More

Meal breaks eating away at Star ratings

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With the latest update to the PBJ Policy Manual, CMS makes very clear its rules on removing meal breaks from Payroll-Based Journal reports. Take note: ALWAYS remove 30 minutes for lunch in your PBJ reports. Even when your staff works through lunch, those 30 minutes CANNOT be reported. Download the PBJ Policy Manual here. CMS explicitly … Read More