PDPM Case-Mix prediction now available from Simple

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PDPM Case-Mix Prediction Now Available from Simple

The renowned leader in PBJ software, SimplePBJ is the first platform to offer a PDPM-based prediction of Case-Mix Hours per Resident Day (HRD) measures. This update matches CMS’ upcoming adjustment that will use PDPM data from the MDS to calculate HRD scores.

Where can I see it?

For SimplePBJ customers that also use SimpleLTC to transmit their MDS data to CMS, the updated calculations are on the Predict Five-Star page in SimplePBJ:

How is it calculated?

SimplePBJ uses live MDS data to predict Case-Mix HRD values. Currently, SimplePBJ is using a specialized set of data to calculate some macro values. Once CMS updates their data set with this information for all facilities, SimplePBJ will incorporate these posted values into its calculations.

How accurate is it?

SimplePBJ is utilizing the updated calculation method released by CMS to estimate Case-Mix HRD values. With the large amount of data we are able to include in our calculations, our predictions are as accurate as possible with the data available. At this point, it is possible that even our best predictions could vary from what CMS will release in July, due to the following factors:

  • Any significant variance in data between all SNF facilities and the specialized data set we are using in the interim (this is only temporary until CMS releases updated data points).
  • The possibility that CMS will adjust their cutoff points, which at the time of this posting is not announced.

What is the benefit?

Measuring Case-Mix data in real time means SimplePBJ customers will not have to wait 3-6 months to see updated Case-Mix values from CMS.

How much does it cost?

This feature is included with the existing subscription costs of SimplePBJ Pro and SimpleAnalyzer.

How do I access the PDPM Case-Mix predictor?

If your organization uses both SimplePBJ and SimpleLTC, this tool is now available to you in SimplePBJ on the Predict Five-Star page.

Not using both SimplePBJ and SimpleLTC yet?

If you would like to learn more about accessing a live view of your Case-Mix, you can request a demo of this feature by clicking below.


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