SimpleCFS fully supports Texas PASRR process

SimpleLTC has worked closely with Texas Health & Human Services (HHS) and the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) and to ensure that SimpleCFS™ fully supports the Texas PASRR and PASRR Level 1 (PL1) form processes. This page provides resources about Texas PASRR requirements and how to use SimpleCFS to automate PASRR processes.


NEW! Using the NFSS form in SimpleCFS™

Texas facilities using SimpleCFS™ can create, complete and submit Nursing Facility Specialized Services (NFSS) forms for authorization by Health and Human Services (HHSC) Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) PASRR Unit. This video provides a brief walk-through of NFSS functionality and form processes.


Texas PASRR Technical Assistance Calls (PTACs) with Texas HHS

Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) is providing a series of PASRR update webinars for Texas nursing facilities. SimpleLTC is working with HHS to help distribute this important information to Texas providers.

May 8, 2018

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June 15, 2017

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Apr. 11, 2017

Note: Due to technical difficulties, a recording of this webinar is not available, but you can download the following handouts/resources.

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Download IDT form

Download FAQ document

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Webinar: Texas PASRR NFSS forms in SimpleCFS™

June 29, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that SimpleCFS™ users will be able to manage portions of the new Texas PASRR Nursing Facility Specialized Services (NFSS) form right inside the software.

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Webinar: Texas PASRR – All about NF Specialized Services

Aug. 23, 2016

DADS updates you on the latest requirements for Texas PASRR Specialized Services, including prior authorization forms, how to bill for Specialized Services, and more.

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Webinar: Texas PASRR: What you need to know now (2016)

July 19, 2016

Get the latest Texas PASRR information for 2016 directly from DADS, including how to manage common PASRR issues and concerns at your facility, and the latest DADS requirements.

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Download “Why PASRR?” handout

Download “Hospice and PASRR” handout

Read the PASRR FAQ

Webinar: Texas PASRR: What you need to know now (2015)

Oct. 13, 2015

DADS highlights recent and upcoming changes to the PASRR program for 2015. Learn how to respond to common PASRR issues and concerns faced by nursing facilities.

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Read the PASRR FAQ

Webinar: Texas PASRR IDT meeting documentation

July 7, 2015

Learn about new Texas PASRR Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) meeting documentation requirements and the new IDT form, plus see a demo of SimpleCFS™ IDT functionality.

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Webinar: PASRR Phase 2 changes

June 17, 2014

PASRR Phase 2 changes were implemented June 27, 2014. Learn the details of the new Texas PASRR requirements from SimpleLTC and DADS.

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