[On-demand] PBJ Quarterly Webinar: Avoiding Falling Stars & More

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New Five-Star scoring metrics announced by CMS could penalize thousands of SNFs with falling star ratings for Staffing. The new guidance for calculating staffing stars incorporates weekend nurse staffing, nurse turnover, and administrator turnover. The data changes will affect calculations beginning July 27. That’s not much time before the Aug. 14 PBJ submission deadline!

Is your organization ready to avoid falling stars? Watch our quarterly PBJ webinar to get the latest updates, plus answers to your specific questions.

[On-demand webinar] PBJ Quarterly Webinar: Avoiding Falling Stars & More

Be sure you’re ready for the Aug 14 deadline

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Nate Hoard is the Senior PBJ Specialist for SimpleLTC. For over a decade, Nate headed up SimpleLTC’s client support team. He now brings his product and industry expertise to the Payroll-Based Journal community, providing guidance for thousands of nursing facility staff in this critical compliance function.

4 Comments on “[On-demand] PBJ Quarterly Webinar: Avoiding Falling Stars & More”

  1. Good morning … with the upcoming change to staffing, how will agency count toward facility turnover and retention numbers?

    Also, is there a turnover calculator that CMS will be utilizing that can be shared?

    1. Thanks for the question, Juli! Agency staff will be included in turnover calculations as long as they meet the minimum hours worked threshold. CMS’ rule is that ANY staff member who works at least 120 hours over any 90-day period will be eligible for the turnover rating. Staff who work 120 hours over a 90-day period will be counted as a turnover IF they then go 60 consecutive days with no worked shifts. You can check out the details of the turnover calculations on p. 11 of the latest Five-Star User Guide.

      We’d also like to invite you to our upcoming PBJ webinar. We’ll be going over this and other important information for the PBJ submission deadline. You can learn more and register on this page.

  2. Hi Ken – Can I get a copy of the slide deck? Also was this recorded for us to listen to somewhere?
    Thanks so much!

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