What’s affecting your quality ratings? Find out with new deeper QM metrics [video]

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Since we launched the new SimpleAnalyzer™ Quality Measures module a few weeks ago, we’ve heard many positive reviews from customers who are using the new analytics to quickly increase their overall quality, including 5-Star and other industry quality ratings.

What makes SimpleAnalyzer’s QM metrics unique? The QM module uses dynamic, real-time MDS 3.0 data from your latest MDS assessments transmitted through SimpleLTC, rather than static CMS CASPER data, which typically lags 1-2 quarters behind. This lets you monitor changes in quality factors on a real-time basis, so that you can take immediate action to improve quality ratings and overall quality.

As you’ll see in the video above, with this latest addition of new QM metrics you can:

  • Access an even deeper level of quality measures data
  • Drill down all the way to the resident level
  • Gain actionable insight into what quality factors are being affected and why
  • Get a clearer view of all your facility and resident metrics

This new QM analytics functionality was released to all current SimpleAnalyzer users last week. For a quick introduction to the new QM module, please watch the video above. For further information or a free demo of SimpleAnalyzer, please complete the form on this page and we’ll contact you ASAP.

About SimpleAnalyzer™

SimpleAnalyzer™ is a web-based analytical tool for optimizing reimbursement by analyzing and “scrubbing” MDS 3.0 and UB-04 files. It comprehensively audits both clinical MDS and financial UB files, alerting you to potential problem areas and inconsistencies so you can correct errors before submission. With SimpleAnalyzer, you can proactively spot problems, maximize reimbursement, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce audit risk and improve overall quality of care. Learn more.

SimpleAnalyzer: MDS 3.0 analytics + UB-04 analytics = optimal reimbursement

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