Quickly improve 5-Star and quality ratings with new QM analytics [Video]

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We’re excited to announce our new Quality Measures module within SimpleAnalyzer™. Over a year in development, the SimpleAnalyzer QM module is a new kind of quality analytics tool — one designed to help you quickly increase overall quality at your organization, including 5-Star and other industry quality ratings.

Unlike static CMS CASPER data, which typically lags 1-2 quarters behind, the SimpleAnalyzer QM module uses dynamic, real-time MDS 3.0 analytics that include data from your latest MDS assessments transmitted through SimpleLTC.

The new functionality will be released for all current SimpleAnalyzer users within the next two weeks. For a quick introduction to the new QM module, please watch the video above.

What you can do with the QM module

  • Quickly find actionable data to increase 5-Star ratings and overall quality
  • View QM data and quality scores across one or multiple facilities
  • View up-to-the-minute MDS QM data, without the typical lag time of CMS CASPER reports
  • See predicted QM data for the quarters ahead, based on your latest MDS assessments transmitted via SimpleLTC
  • See your data in a dynamic, exportable, flexible format, rather than in static CASPER report PDFs
  • Create your own real-time ad-hoc reports
  • Use one one simple, elegant dashboard for all of your facilities

How we developed it

SimpleLTC has provided simple CASPER report access and management for years, but customers told us they needed more. They wanted to see their CASPER data — specifically QM and 5-Star data — in a more real-time format that could be easily exported to other systems, like Excel spreadsheets or internal business intelligence databases.

Our goal was to give customers a new kind of QM tool that can quickly and efficiently target the specific elements that affect your 5-Star rating. We wanted it provide enough detail and functionality that you can use it take proactive action to increase overall quality.

To develop the specific metrics, we worked closely with a number of large SNF organizations and industry experts. Leveraging their expertise, we targeted a wide range of real-world scenarios that directly affect both QMs and 5-Star ratings, and built them into the product in a visual way. We then took the product back to our customers for them to review and test.

The goal was to create a QM analytics tool that’s both powerful yet still simple and  easy to use. Initial customer feedback has been extremely positive.

SimpleAnalyzer QM module features

  • View current and predicted QM data and quality scores across one or multiple facilities
  • View QM data at company-wide and facility levels
  • View current and predicted 5-Star, Summary QM and National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative (NNHQCC) ratings
  • See predicted quality scores for the next 2-3 quarters
  • View quarterly numerators, denominators and rates for each QM
  • View and sort individual QMs by title or tag
  • Sort, search and filter data as needed to create your own reports
  • Export all data in CSV format for use in other systems

Get your free demo

For a free demo or free trial of SimpleAnalyzer™ and the new QM module, just click below and complete the form.

Get your free demo

Pricing and free trial

As mentioned, the QM module is new functionality within our SimpleAnalyzer product. All current SimpleAnalyzer users will automatically have access to the new functionality as soon as it is released (within the next two weeks).

Pricing for SimpleAnalyzer (which includes all SimpleConnect functionality) is currently $175/month/facility. Further details on pricing for all our products can be found on our Pricing page. (Note that SimpleAnalyzer requires the SimpleConnect product as well, so look for the category entitled, “CMS transmission & reporting + analytics”.)

For further information or a free trial of SimpleAnalyzer, please complete the form on this page and we will contact you ASAP.

About SimpleAnalyzer™

SimpleAnalyzer™ is a web-based analytical tool for optimizing reimbursement by analyzing and “scrubbing” MDS 3.0 and UB-04 files. It comprehensively audits both clinical MDS and financial UB files, alerting you to potential problem areas and inconsistencies so you can correct errors before submission. With SimpleAnalyzer, you can proactively spot problems, maximize reimbursement, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce audit risk and improve overall quality of care. Learn more.

SimpleAnalyzer: MDS 3.0 analytics + UB-04 analytics = optimal reimbursement

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