[On-demand] PBJ Quarterly Webinar – Q1 2024 Edition

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Harsher penalties are coming for inaccurate PBJ submissions - make sure you're ready!

It’s almost that time again! Payroll-Based Journal reporting for Q1 2024 (reporting period Oct 1 ‒ Dec 31) is due to CMS by Wednesday, Feb 14.

In this PBJ update webinar, you will learn to protect your Staffing Five-Star rating and how the upcoming CMS reporting adjustments will affect your data. Please note: there is a new process for contacting the PBJ support team - we cover the latest updates during this webinar. 

[Quarterly PBJ Webinar] Q1 2024 Edition

Get ready for the Feb 14th deadline!

Click here to access the recording and slides

About your experts

Nate Hoard is the Senior PBJ Specialist for Simple. For over a decade, Nate led Simple’s client support team. He now brings his product and industry expertise to the Payroll-Based Journal community, providing guidance for thousands of nursing facility staff in this critical compliance function.

Jolene Johnson, RAC-CTA is an independent consultant recognized nationally for her expertise in Payroll Based Journaling, RAI processes, and clinical reimbursement. Her consulting portfolio encompasses Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement reviews, along with educational programs for skilled nursing facilities and multi-facility operators. Jolene's passion lies in patient-centered care and nurturing the skillsets of her peers within the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

6 Comments on “[On-demand] PBJ Quarterly Webinar – Q1 2024 Edition”

  1. Hi, kindly navigate me who to email RE: PBJ submission history for our facility in Hawaii region please? I want to review the previous submission if it was truly submitted. I need to validate due to high volume of employee turnover. Let me know. Thank you for your help!

  2. Hi, I am having issues when i upload all our nursing ours it says that our staffing is at a 1 star and that hours haven’t been submitted. But I know all my ours have been submited and we have not been short staffed. Who can I get ahold of to discuss this and fix whatever issue is going on?

  3. I registered for the PBJ webinar, then I had a meeting at the same time. Now it states the site isn’t available. Can I view it somewhere else?

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