[Webinar] PBJ Impacts and Insights: Strategies for PBJ success in South Carolina

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PBJ insights for South Carolina SNFs

The PBJ landscape can be overwhelming. Tracking turnover, logging agency shifts, verifying RN coverage, and cross-referencing EmployeeIDs are no small tasks. In a fast-paced industry balancing automation and accuracy, the human touch remains critical to PBJ success.

Join this webinar for the latest PBJ updates and strategies. Protecting your Five-Star is more important than ever… but it doesn’t have to be a mystery.

This is special session presented with CCME for South Carolina SNFs.

What you’ll learn:

  • How the new turnover calculations impact your data
  • Navigating the EmployeeID Linking process
  • Strategies for PBJ and staffing-star success

[Webinar] PBJ Impacts and Insights:

Strategies for PBJ success in South Carolina

Thursday, June 8th | 11:00am-Noon ET

Click here to register with CCME

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Nate Hoard is the Senior PBJ Specialist for SimpleLTC. For over a decade, Nate headed up SimpleLTC’s client support team. He now brings his product and industry expertise to the Payroll-Based Journal community, providing guidance for thousands of nursing facility staff in this critical compliance function.

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