On-demand webinar: 6 keys to Texas Medicaid MCO success

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Webinar: 6 keys to success in Texas Medicaid MCO structure

It’s now been more than 60 days since the new STAR+PLUS Texas Medicaid MCO structure became a reality. While we’re all slowly adjusting to the changes, there’s no doubt that the learning curve has been steep.

Because there’s still much to learn, SimpleLTC and Texas Medicaid Coalition hosted a free one-hour webinar on May 19 to update Texas SNFs on the MCO transition and to highlight several keys to success in the new environment. More than 500 LTC professionals from all over the state participated.

Here’s your chance to clear up some of the confusion. Invest an hour and become better prepared for navigating the new landscape of Texas Medicaid Managed Care.

  • WHAT: Texas Medicaid Managed Care: 6 Keys to Success in the New MCO Environment
  • WHO:  Kelly Roberts Treta, VP of Reimbursement/Ancillary Services, Creative Solutions

Watch webinar & download slides

What you’ll learn

  1. The different requirements for each Medicaid MCO for Therapy Prior Authorizations
  2. How to successfully complete a Therapy Prior Authorization for an MCO
  3. The role of the physician in the MCO process for a resident’s MCO
  4. Steps to enroll or change a resident’s current MCO
  5. How to read a MESAV to determine the MCO enrollment date and end date

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  1. I listened to the webinar yesterday and it had some great information. I would like to print the slides, but I cant seem to figure out where to find them. I appreciate the help!

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