New SNF length of stay analytics in SimpleAnalyzer™ [Video]

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Analyzing length of stay (LOS) trends across all your facilities just got simpler.

We’re excited to launch a new, in-depth and highly anticipated view within SimpleAnalyzer™: SNF length of stay analytics.

For purposes of this view, “length of stay” is defined as the average length of stay, or cumulative days in a facility over time, with the ability to filter residents by one or more comorbidities. We believe you’ll find these new metrics highly useful when analyzing length of stay trends and changes across your organization.

With this new tool, you can easily search by individual diagnosis, and combine multiple diagnoses or comorbidities to achieve a very specific level of detail. One of the most useful features is that you can compare your length of stay results against a benchmark of all SimpleLTC customers (nearly 3,000 facilities).

As with other SimpleAnalyzer views, you can look at a composite view of all facilities in your organization, or narrow down your search to a single facility and/or resident. You can also filter by Medicare RUG, by time-frame/date, or by long or short stays.

Table data below the visual graph shows detail by facility/resident, which you can filter by number of episodes, long/short stays, and average LOS. You can also print or export individual views and data as needed.

Watch the brief video here [2:45] for a more detailed walk-through of the new SNF length of stay analytics.

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