SimpleLTC fully supports the new Texas PASRR process

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SimpleLTC fully supports new Texas PASRR process

The Texas PASRR process changes are causing quite a bit of buzz lately. This is understandable because the new requirements, which became effective May 24, will affect admission processes – and ultimately, reimbursement – for ALL Texas Medicaid-certified nursing facilities.

What do SimpleLTC customers need to know?

Simply put, SimpleLTC customers will NOT have to use the TMHP LTC Online Portal to complete PASRR submissions.

We have worked closely with TMHP for several weeks (including a face-to-face meeting in Austin) to ensure that SimpleCFS fully supports the updated PASRR. The PL1 (PASRR Level 1) submission process is very similar to other forms you currently manage through SimpleCFS (LTCMIs, 3618s, 3619s, and the current PASARR).

The overall transition to the new PASRR was very smooth for our customers. However, as facilities continue to get comfortable with the new process, we encourage you to review the PASRR training information from TMHP/DADS, as the same fields and information will be reflected on our site when you submit the new forms through SimpleCFS.

To learn more about PASRR

We’ve created a our PASRR resources page, complete with a PASRR training video and FAQs, to help our customers. Please review it for detailed information, and we’ll continue to update it with and new developments.

As always, please contact us with any questions at 469.916.2803 or

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