Easily see your residents at risk for rehospitalization [video]

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It’s now simpler than ever to see which of your residents are at the highest risk of rehospitalization.

We’re excited to launch a new view within SimpleAnalyzer™, which provides a simple, proactive way to monitor those residents at your facility who may need more focused care. The new “At Risk” section shows a detailed view of your residents who are most at risk for rehospitalization, rank ordered by their probability of rehospitalization.

The “at risk” view shows all residents who are:

  • Within a 30-day window of hospital stay
  • Active stay in your facility
  • Not yet rehospitalized

This view now appears as the default view under SimpleAnalyzer’s rehospitalization section. You can also sort by “All Candidates” and “Rehospitalizations” in this view.

Check out the video above for a brief overview of the new analytics view.

About SimpleAnalyzer™

SimpleAnalyzer™ is a web-based analytical tool for optimizing reimbursement by analyzing quality measures, and “scrubbing” MDS 3.0 and UB-04 files. It comprehensively audits both clinical MDS and financial UB files, alerting you to potential problem areas and inconsistencies so you can correct errors before submission.

With SimpleAnalyzer, you can proactively spot problems, maximize reimbursement, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce audit risk and improve overall quality of care.

SimpleAnalyzer: MDS 3.0 analytics + UB-04 analytics = optimal reimbursement

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