PBJ submissions: What is your time worth?

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CMS “gotchas”

Crossover staff

Staff working in multiple job roles should have their hours submitted per each unique job title, according to CMS. The easiest way to capture this is to have your staff punch in and out of their different roles.

In addition, ezPBJ lets you modify your staff and time data and split time across roles where needed.

What is your time worth?

Almost 60% of attendees at a recent PBJ webinar answered “Time and Effort to Comply” as their biggest concern with PBJ reporting. And the two most commonly asked questions we hear daily are:

  • “How long does it take to make and submit my PBJ reports?”
  • “How often are other centers submitting PBJ reports?”

We asked customers who have gone through a PBJ submission using ezPBJ to tell us what THEY think.

The good news on the time it takes to do your PBJ
The majority of centers are planning to submit per pay period or monthly until they get comfortable – and they anticipate PBJ reporting will only consume an hour or two every month now that they are set up.

More good news on saving time doing your PBJ
Centers who tried to enter data directly into CMS and then switched to ezPBJ have reported their time savings to be 10x or more!

Learn more from early submitters
Our recent webinar Lessons from Early Submissions provided in partnership with Clifton Larson Allen is archived and publicly available. You can watch the recording or access the files anytime to discover more ways to not lose valuable time complying with PBJ reporting rules.

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