[On-Demand] PBJ Quarterly Webinar – Q2 2023 Edition

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New turnover measures are in place - are you ready for the May 15th deadline?

It’s almost that time again! Payroll-Based Journal reporting for Q2 2023 (reporting period January 1 ‒ March 31) is due to CMS by Monday, May 15.

Learn to protect your overall Five-Star rating and how your PBJ data will be used in the new survey guidance.

[Quarterly PBJ Webinar] Q2 2023 Edition

Get ready for the May 15th deadline!

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About your experts

Nate Hoard is the Senior PBJ Specialist for SimpleLTC. For over a decade, Nate headed up SimpleLTC’s client support team. He now brings his product and industry expertise to the Payroll-Based Journal community, providing guidance for thousands of nursing facility staff in this critical compliance function.

Josh Miller is Simple’s Client Alignment Executive. He has more than a decade of experience helping Simple clients get the most from their data solutions. He also serves as a trainer and consultant for thousands of SNFs across the country.

2 Comments on “[On-Demand] PBJ Quarterly Webinar – Q2 2023 Edition”

    1. Hi Meleisa: Handouts will be available via a link in your Zoom reminder email. You can also download them during the live webinar. Thanks!

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