PASRR IDT meeting documentation: What you need to know

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PASRR IDT meeting requirements for Texas facilities

More change is at hand for Texas nursing facilities, this time related to PASRR Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) meeting documentation. We’ve received lots of questions regarding this new DADS requirement, so here are answers to the most common questions so far:

What is the new requirement and when does it go into effect?

Effective July 7, 2015, Texas nursing facilities must document IDT meetings for all PASRR-positive residents through use of a new IDT meeting form.

How frequently will I have to do an IDT meeting form?

It depends on the number of positive PASRR Evaluations (PEs) in your facility. However, looking at historical data across SimpleLTC’s 867 customer facilities in Texas, the form will probably affect 3-5% of residents.

Will the new IDT form be available in SimpleCFS™?

Yes, SimpleCFS will fully support the new IDT requirements. We will roll out the new PASRR IDT form during the last week of June and will test the new functionality with TMHP over the first week in July.

Will SimpleLTC provide training?

Yes! We will host a customer webinar on July 7, 2015, at 10:00am. In addition to product training, users will hear from Cathy Belliveau, Senior PASRR Program Specialist with DADS, who will provide helpful policy information and answer general questions about IDT requirements. You can register for the webinar here. Hurry, space is limited and we expect this to be a highly attended webinar.

If you have more questions

The July 7 webinar will probably answer most questions about how the new requirements will affect your facility, so be sure to register. You’re also welcome to contact our Support Team with any questions.

If you don’t use SimpleCFS for Texas Medicaid automation, you can find details about using the TMHP portal here.

4 Comments on “PASRR IDT meeting documentation: What you need to know”

  1. thank yall so much for all the help and trying to keep us up to date with everything going on at DADs. i know the subject matter can be complicated and i appreciate all yall do. and ken you don’t look at all like you sound.
    thanks so much,
    yall have a good one,
    lee ann nelson,
    oaks nursing center in burnet, texas

    1. Thanks so much, Lee Ann! We’re all in this together so we’ll continue to gather and share important information whenever we can. We appreciate you being a SimpleLTC customer and sharing your feedback. (And now you’ve got me wondering what exactly I sound like!)

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