[On-demand webinar] PBJ quarterly check-in: Critical answers to top questions

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Be sure youre ready for the Nov. 14, 2021 PBJ deadline!

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting for Q4 (July 1–Sept. 30) is due to CMS by Nov. 14. Join us for our live PBJ quarterly check-in webinar as we discuss the latest PBJ updates and answer your top questions in an extended Q&A session.

Our quarterly check-in is a relaxed and informative webinar where we customize the content to attendees needs. It’s an open forum where PBJ professionals can ask critical questions before the next reporting deadline.

What you’ll learn:

  • Current PBJ updates
  • Five-Star Staffing calculation
  • Back to the basics
  • And much more

[On-demand webinar] PBJ quarterly check-in: Critical answers to your top questions

Jenn Feige, Co-founder, SimplePBJ™
Polly Kirkwood, Vice President, Sales, SimpleLTC

View webinar and handouts

Target audience

  • Administrators
  • HR personnel
  • DONs and RNs
  • Corporate regional staff
  • Staff members who handle payroll data

About your experts

Jenn Moenck Feige is one of the founders of SimplePBJ™, a software that provides CMS PBJ data scrubbing, analytics and submission. Jenn is now with SimpleLTC, leveraging her expertise to train thousands of customers on improving PBJ compliance.

Polly Kirkwood has over 30 years of healthcare business development experience, including 20 years specializing in healthcare technology. Polly has held many executive leadership positions for EHRs and has led a successful long-term care tech start-up effort from conception. Polly is a member of the National Association for the Support of Long-term Care and served in the past as its Standards and Regulatory workgroup chair. 

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