New SimpleCFS™ LTCMI alert helps avoid PASRR PL1 compliance issues

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“Have you seen this new alert on SimpleLTC? It’s great! As I clicked on the LTCMI form for completion, it popped up this alert to inform me that a PL1 has NOT been completed on this resident yet. Way to go, SimpleLTC!”  — Clinical Reimbursement Specialist

This is an actual quote we heard from a customer after launching this new SimpleCFS feature last week. Now, whenever an admission LTCMI is submitted without a PL1 already linked to that resident profile, a new alert reminds Texas skilled nursing facilities to complete the PL1.Why is this important? So SNFs can avoid potential regulatory compliance or penalty issues related to PASRR Level 1 (PL1) forms.

Because Texas Medicaid regulations require that a PL1 be performed for every resident in the facility regardless of payor. Failure to complete and submit a PL1 Screening Form puts your facility out of compliance with:

  • Title 42, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Chapter IV;
  • Title 40, Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Part I, Chapter 19;
  • Title 40, Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Part 1, Chapter 17;
  • Texas Medicaid Provider Agreement for Nursing Facility services, Section II, B. 1. and 5.

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid all that? With SimpleCFS you can.

We’re proud to continue to improve SimpleCFS to help Texas nursing facilities fully manage their LTCMI and MESAV processes – and, more importantly, to avoid OIG audits, penalties and loss of productivity.

You can find more information on our PASRR resources page, including a SimpleCFS training video and links to DADS PASRR information.

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