Light up your Five-Star strategy with Simple’s new Expected Discharge Scores

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Expected Discharge Scores leaving you in the dark?

Light up your Five-Star strategy with Simple’s new Expected Discharge Scores

The Oct. 1, 2023, transition to v18 of the MDS has far-reaching impacts on the SNF industry. Notably, the introduction of the new Expected Discharge Score has created a need for deeper understanding of resident risk and acuity.

The new Expected Discharge Score Quality Measure, which uses a five-day assessment to calculate both the starting point and a risk-adjusted goal for functional improvement, can put operators at a disadvantage as they aim for improvement, hoping that they gain enough to meet the discharge score CMS has set for the stay.

Simple is excited to introduce a first-of-its-kind feature to our Function Scores report that will provide visibility to the data that drives this critical measure. With this update, you can now see an actual Expected Discharge Score in real time for each resident.

Your facility's measurement against expected improvement goals from CMS can significantly impact your QM performance and Five-Star rating. Now, with the Expected Discharge Score now available in Simple’s Function Scores report, you can protect your star rating by proactively planning care with CMS’ expected outcomes in mind.

With Simple’s Function Scores report you can:

  1. See the Expected Discharge Score for all stays as soon as the 5-Day has been transmitted.
  2. Understand the impact of the 74 Risk-Adjustment Variables used to calculate the expected improvement for a resident stay.
  3. Identify imputed values in the Section GG items used by CMS to calculate performance.

Simple’s new functionality provides Expected Discharge Scores alongside Entry and Discharge Scores

In addition to these critical stay-level details, companies can monitor the performance of their portfolio over time and compare them to national benchmarks in the Simple database.

Clients using SimpleAnalyzer™ can now access the modified view of the Function Scores report in the Clinical section to start mastering this measure before your Five-Star rating is impacted.

Need more support with the new Expected Discharge Score?

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