[On-demand] Gettin’ GG With It: Breaking It Down Step-by-Step

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Understanding the impact of Section GG and CMS' Expected GG DC Outcome Scores

This isn’t just another training on GG. In this informative webinar, we’re ramping it up to ensure everyone is aware of CMS’ new Quality Measure (QM) of meeting and exceeding CMS’ Expected GG DC Outcome Scores per patient.

You’ll get a step-by-step guide to accurately capturing not only baseline GG scores, but the additional MDS information CMS will utilize to determine an “Expected DC Outcome Score.” This QM will impact a multitude of programs in the future!

We’ll also provide a sneak peek at Simple’s new Functional Score reporting, which will help monitor your community’s performance.

What you’ll learn:

  1. The how and why behind GG Expected Outcome Scores as they become the new universal measurement of performance.
  2. How CMS will utilize this Expected Outcome Score Quality Measure in the drive for value-based care.
  3. Tools and resources available to monitor performance according to expected outcome scores.

[Webinar] Gettin' GG With It

Breaking Down Section GG Step-by-Step

Click here to view the webinar recording and slides

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Stacey Hallissey PT
SVP of Integrity and Quality Improvement — QRM

Stacey Hallissey, PT, is the SVP of Integrity and Quality Improvement for QRM, leading a well-rounded clinical team in support of therapists and reimbursement (MDS) team members throughout the US. Stacey’s vast SNF leadership and educational experience, as well as her engagement in many professional and lobbying associations, provide the broad industry expertise needed to navigate today’s complex and layered regulatory environment, yet she understands the essence of the drive towards value-based care as our united objective. Stacey has a unique ability to bring levity and a bit of fun to each educational opportunity she is a part of while putting attendees at ease and open to grasping difficult concepts.

29 Comments on “[On-demand] Gettin’ GG With It: Breaking It Down Step-by-Step”

  1. Hello, this is Belinda from Majestic Care of McCordsville. Please register me for the Webinar Breaking Down section GG step by step on May 9th, thank you!

  2. Hello, my name is Christine Rae B. Patulin from Imperial Health Care Center. Please register me for the Webinar Breaking Down section GG step by step on May 9th, thank you!

  3. How do I print out the slides. I am on the webinar but not sure how to get the slides to print

    1. Hi Tammy, there should be a print button in the top right corner of the page when you have the slides open. Or you can try holding “Control” then typing “P” on your keyboard.

  4. I am trying to get a copy of the webinar slides and handouts and I have typed in the address but I can’t pull it up. Can you send me a link where I can click to get them. Just watched the Webinar today.

    Kim Ford

  5. Hi Ken, I also watched the presentation yesterday, and I am not able to access the slides. I asked Don Lodwick for assistance. You emailed back, and I’m still unable to access the slides via the Gettin GG With It – Webinar Recording & Slides that you are suggesting ?

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