Improve MDS accuracy and timeliness with new late submissions analytics

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Minimize MDS late submissions with new resident-level analytics

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added new functionality to our MDS late submissions analytics within SimpleAnalyzer™.

The previous late submissions view in SimpleAnalyzer provided insights into how and why MDS late submissions happen at your facility, but the new view goes even deeper. The goal is to give you specific resident-level and field-level data that you can use to immediately improve timeliness and accuracy for all your MDS submissions to CMS.

Within SimpleAnalyzer, once you navigate to a specific facility, you can now see a list of late submissions by resident. Clicking a resident provides a deeper level of context so you can see exactly why individual assessments were counted as late. The view also shows the type of assessment as well as a timeline (by day count) and information about whether the assessment was flagged as late signature, late submission, etc.

For a brief overview of the new functionality, check out the video above [1:44]. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know!

About SimpleAnalyzer™

Improve quality measures and optimize reimbursement with intelligent, predictive analytics.

SimpleAnalyzer™ is a web-based analytical tool for optimizing and “scrubbing” MDS 3.0 and UB-04 files. It comprehensively audits clinical and financial files, alerting you to problem areas, inconsistencies and negative trends so you can correct errors in real time. Because analysis automatically takes place prior to submission, you save time and eliminate costly errors.

With SimpleAnalyzer, you can proactively spot problems, maximize reimbursement, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce audit risk and improve overall quality of care.

SimpleAnalyzer: MDS 3.0 analytics + UB-04 analytics = optimal reimbursement

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