Your top IDT meeting questions, answered by DADS

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FAQ: Texas PASRR IDT meeting questions

We’ve worked with DADS to get answers to your top IDT meeting questions

On July 7, SimpleLTC hosted a free webinar for several hundred Texas SNFs and PASRR specialists. Our special guest speaker was Cathy Belliveau, Senior PASRR Program Specialist with DADS. During the 90-minute training, participants asked dozens of specific questions about the IDT requirements. Cathy answered many of those questions during the session, but could not cover them all due to time limitations.

Here’s the good news: We’ve worked with DADS to get answers to all your IDT meeting questions.

We’ve created a special IDT FAQ article in our support forum on this topic. When you check out the article, you’ll get answers to…

Are all PASSRs-positive residents required to have an IDT meeting?
How often are IDT meetings required?
How do we know who has specialized services or positive PASSR?
What support will my facility receive from DADS to if the LA/LHMA are not being responsive about scheduling the IDT meeting?
Will we be allowed to have an IDT meeting at 14 days with the LA/LHMA and then again at Day 21 without a penalty.
Who pays for specialized services?
What training have the Local Authorities received for their part in the IDT process?
Do we do the IDT form for PASRR every time we do a quarterly IDT on our NF residents?
How does the NF know when the LA has completed the form in order to print?
If a significant change MDS is done on a resident, does the IDT meeting need to be conducted again with LA representative?
Is family attendance required? Who invites the family?
Is the IDT form required to be on the resident’s chart?

Plus, there are many more IDT meeting questions answered in the article. We’ll continue to update the document as we uncover new information.

Read the IDT FAQ now

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