New DADS PASRR training page for Texas nursing facilities

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DADS announces new PASRR training page for Texas facilities

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) has announced a new one-stop training page for Texas skilled nursing facilities. The DADS PASRR training page allows nursing facility employees to find all the DADS PASRR training resources in one place.

Available courses include:

  • PASRR PL1: Back to Basics
  • PASRR PE: What Nursing Facilities Need to Know
  • PASRR Specialized Services Training
  • PASRR: What You Need to Know
  • PASRR 101 Web-based Training
  • PASRR RULES: TAC Title 40, Part 1, Chapter 19, Subchapter BB
  • 10 Most Frequently Cited Deficiencies in Nursing Homes for Fiscal Year 2014

The page includes a responsibility checklist for nursing facilities, as well as training resources for local authorities and referring entities. If you have questions, please email the DADS PASRR unit at

More PASRR training resources

SimpleLTC’s Texas PASRR Resources page offers a number of free training resources for Texas SNFs, including free on-demand webinars and links to key PASRR resources.

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