[On-demand webinar] What’s your HIPAA risk? Learn the top 5 myths

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Did you know that all post-acute organizations — including skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies — are responsible for maintaining HIPAA compliance standards? Did you know that 2019 set a record high for number of patient records compromised in data breaches?

Protecting health information is everyone’s responsibility and is especially important if you interact with patients or patient data on a daily basis.

In this free webinar, you'll learn five steps you and your organization can take to improve patient information security and better navigate the complex world of HIPAA security and compliance.

[On-demand webinar] What's your HIPPA risk? Learn the top 5 myths

Bobby Seegmiller | Senior VP, Business Development, HIPAA One
Kirk Ising | Senior Account Executive , HIPAA One

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What you’ll learn

  • Common misconceptions about HIPAA compliance
  • Better understanding cybersecurity and what your responsibilities are
  • HIPAA enforcement, how it is changing and how to prepare
  • Risks associated with HIPAA non-compliance

Who should attend

  • Clinical Staff, CNAs, Nurses, and Physicians
  • Administrative and Office Staff
  • IT and Security Support Staff
  • Long-Term Care, Skilled Nursing or Home Care Professionals
  • Anyone who interacts with Protected Health Information (PHI)

Meet your speakers

Bobby Seegmiller is a Senior SaaS Sales Executive with 15+ years of business experience selling enterprise solutions and developing business partnerships. He currently serves as Senior VP of Business Development at HIPAA One, where he oversees business development, sales strategy, implementation and growth of HIPAA One. Prior to joining HIPAA One, Bobby served as a SaaS E-sign Solution Consultant for several Fortune 50 customers by automating workflow and incorporating electronic signatures to increase sales and reduce risk. 

Kirk Ising, Senior Account Executive, has a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction. As a solution focused sales professional with 12 years’ experience, he has spent a majority of his career working with providers and administrators on the growing demands of the healthcare industry. Prior to joining HIPAA One, Kirk held a Customer Success leadership position with McKesson and drove customer success improvements throughout the organization. 

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This webinar is presented free of charge to all long-term care providers, courtesy of...


3 Comments on “[On-demand webinar] What’s your HIPAA risk? Learn the top 5 myths”

    1. Hi Janet — If the PAS agency is storing or accessing protected health information (PHI i.e. health status, payment information, lab results, billing, reimbursements, etc.) then HIPAA applies to them and they need to be taking the necessary steps to correctly store and secure that information.

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