[On-demand] Investigating the latest SNF reimbursement issues in Texas

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Are you ready for the latest Texas reimbursement challenges?

Since Oct. 1, Texas SNFs are facing new regulatory and reimbursement issues related to Case Mix/CMI maximization, Optional State Assessments (OSAs), and more.

In this webinar presented by Texas Medicaid Coalition, you’ll hear key strategies and updates from Texas LTC experts to help you address the latest challenges.

What you’ll learn:

  • The latest reimbursement issues facing Texas SNFs
  • Case Mix/Rehab RUG mismatches – how to audit and address
  • Top 5 considerations for using the Optional State Assessment (OSA)
  • Data and trends from Simple clients
  • Texas Medicaid Coalition (TMC) mission and advocacy in Texas

[Webinar] Investigating the latest SNF reimbursement issues in Texas

Case Mix/RUG issues, OSAs, and more

View the recording and handouts here

About your experts

Robert Douglas
VP of Revenue Integrity, Cross Healthcare Management

Robert is a seasoned professional with 29 years’ experience in post-acute care. At Cross Healthcare Management, he brings a wealth of expertise in various areas, including MDS, clinical reimbursement, denials and appeals, and compliance. Robert is a founding member and the current president of the Texas Medicaid Coalition.

Becca Smith
VP of Reimbursement, Caraday Healthcare

With 20+ years supporting reimbursement and quality in post-acute care, Becca has helped large and small companies achieve reimbursement and compliance success. In addition to her role at Caraday Healthcare, she advocates for Texas providers through her work with TMC’s board and THCA’s Data & Reimbursement Committee.

Jason Jones
VP and General Manager, Simple Solutions

Jason oversees product and technology strategy for Simple, serving over 7,500 long-term care facilities. As a recognized expert in healthcare data analytics, Jason has presented on technology topics in numerous forums and industries, including national conferences for LeadingAge, AAPACN, ADVION and others.

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