Updates to MDS and CASPER provider reporting guides

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CMS just posted two (2) September 2020 updates to MDS reporting guides:

The MDS 3.0 Provider User’s Guide, Section 5 is extremely helpful when reviewing your Final Validation Report that has error messages.  The Guide is 226 pages in length so download it to your computer’s desktop for quick reference (you can print it if you like).  It covers warnings as well as fatal error messages and provides information on what caused the error and actions needed to resolve.  Both types of messages need your attention, with fatal errors definitely needing to be addressed and the record resubmitted as it was not accepted initially.  You may need to process a modification after reviewing a record with a warning error message.

For example, many providers have been receiving a -3935 warning message the past couple of weeks.  Here’s what you’ll find in Section 5:

The record was accepted at the QIES database and in this case, the message does not require attention or action from you.  In short, the message is reflective of CMS having uploaded v1.17.2 submission specs while LTCFs are still submitting records using v1.17.1.  It’s a technical thing that will resolve itself on/after October 1, 2020.

The CASPER Reporting MDS Provider User’s Guide contains valuable information on how to download these reports (hopefully you’re doing this on a regular basis), examples of the reports, what information is displayed and how to interpret your report.  Section 11 has 24 pages while Section 13 has 27 pages.  These are also best used when printed or downloaded for future reference when working with your QM and/or SNF QRP reports

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