Updated COVID-19 vaccine storage and handling toolkit

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CDC has updated the COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit.  The current version carries a date of November 2020.

The Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit has been updated with an addendum to address proper storage, handling, transport, and emergency handling of COVID-19 vaccines. The addendum will be updated as new COVID-19 vaccine products are approved. Please check the CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit website regularly for the most current version of the toolkit during the COVID-19 response. The addendum can be found on page 49 of this 56-page toolkit.

Proper vaccine storage and handling are important factors in preventing and eradicating many common vaccine-preventable diseases. Yet, each year, storage and handling errors result in revaccination of many patients and significant financial loss due to wasted vaccines. Failure to store and handle vaccines properly can reduce vaccine potency, resulting in inadequate immune responses in patients and poor protection against disease. Patients can lose confidence in vaccines and providers if they require revaccination because the vaccines they received may have been compromised.

This toolkit provides information, recommendations, and resources to assist you in properly storing and handling your vaccine supply. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit brings together best practices from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) General Best Practice Guidelines for Immunization, product information from vaccine manufacturers, and results of scientific studies. Implementing these best practices and recommendations will help protect your patients, safeguard your vaccine supply, and avoid the unnecessary costs of revaccinating patients and replacing expensive vaccines. For specific, detailed storage and handling protocols for individual vaccines, always refer to the manufacturers’ product information and package inserts or contact the manufacturer directly.

Here’s a look at the Table of Contents:

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