Free resource updated: COVID-19 Focused Survey for Nursing Homes

Mary MadisonSkilled NursingLeave a Comment

Whether or not you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll want to download our updated COVID-19 Focused Survey for Nursing Homes.  CMS updated the April version of this Focused Survey document yesterday and so did we!  It’s complimentary – FREE – for your use.

Download it as often as you need – share it with your colleagues.  We’ve left the red ink on this document so you can readily see what has changed since the April version.  I caught several “new” words for our version that CMS did not catch on the version included in the QSO-20-29-NH.

We want you to be prepared not only for this focused survey but also to ensure you’re doing what you can to protect your residents and fellow staff.  Check out all of the free resources available.

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