Texas Simple clients: Important upcoming MDS/LTCMI changes in TMHP

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Attention Simple Texas clients:

As you’re probably aware, significant changes are coming to MDS Assessments and the LTCMI on the TMHP LTC Online Portal, beginning Oct. 1.

Like many of our clients in Texas, you may be asking, “What’s the status of these changes in my SimpleCFS™ software? Will Simple be ready by Oct. 1? How will my workflow be affected?”

Rest assured, Simple is on top of these changes, and we’re working to make the transition as smooth as possible for Texas clients. Here’s a quick summary:

Will I still be able to complete the LTCMI in SimpleCFS after Oct. 1?

Simple is preparing for these changes and will have new LTCMI field functionality in place by Oct. 1. While some details are still in flux, you will be able to perform 100% of your LTCMI workflow without logging into TMHP.

How will my LTCMI workflow be affected in SimpleCFS?

We’re working closely with TMHP to further define the scope of the changes. From our conversations, we know that TMHP will require 55 fields to be filled out for each LTCMI; however, 35 of these fields are still completed on the MDS. Therefore, Simple’s goal is to simplify your workflow by automatically prefilling your LTCMI with modified data points and moving you through the RUG section as quickly as possible.

When can I see the new SimpleCFS LTCMI process in action? What if I have questions?

To get more details and a preview of the new functionality, watch the recording of our recent webinar. We’ll walk you through the new changes, plus address your specific questions.

[Webinar recording] Texas Clients: Intro to New LTCMI/MDS Workflow in SimpleCFS™

Access the recording and slides here

Thank you for your trust and partnership with Simple! We look forward to working with Texas providers to navigate this important transition. If you have specific questions, please reach out to our Support Team.

Team Simple

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