Maximize Texas QIPP performance and payments

Gain control over QIPP performance and metrics

Success in the Texas Quality Incentive Payment Program (QIPP) requires access to deep intelligence hidden within your MDS 3.0 data.

New QIPP analytics within SimpleAnalyzer™ give you easy access to predictive Quality Measures data. Real-time metrics include resident data up to your most recently submitted MDS batches. Now you can easily estimate quarterly QIPP payments at the company or facility level, and quickly identify specific areas for rapid QIPP improvements.

SimpleAnalyzer™ utilizes your most current MDS submissions to present outcome data in real time, providing true evidence-based reporting for improving outcomes.

With SimpleLTC QIPP analytics you can…

  • Predict QIPP quarterly payments by company or facility
  • View simple summaries of QIPP calculations and payments
  • Analyze individual QIPP metrics and performance levels
  • Compare target levels, baseline and national averages
  • Pinpoint areas for rapid QIPP improvement
  • Drill down to resident-level QM assessment data

You also get an advanced toolkit of intelligent, predictive MDS 3.0 analytics to help quickly improve Five-Star ratings and quality measures, reduce rehospitalizations and optimize reimbursement across all your facilities.

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