SimpleMDS and FoQIS: One-click data sharing now available, for free

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A new one-click data integration is available for long-term care facilities that use SimpleMDS™ for MDS workflow automation and FoQIS™ for QIS/QAPI processes. The automated integration, available at no charge to existing customers, allows customers to seamlessly and securely share MDS 3.0 assessment data between the two systems.

The integration automatically transmits MDS data to FoQIS from SimpleMDS with no user intervention, saving time and streamlining workflow for nursing and reimbursement staff. To ensure data quality, only assessments that have been accepted by CMS are utilized.

“Real-time, full automation of MDS data sharing from SimpleLTC to FoQIS will give providers the ability to measure what is important and take action proactively,” says Jason Jones, CTO of SimpleLTC. “We are excited to offer this added service for our FoQIS users.”

“The seamless and secure integration of MDS data between SimpleLTC and FoQIS is another step forward in our ongoing commitment to provide efficient and accurate data for the automatic generation of the QIS census, admission and MDS samples required for the QIS process,” said Colleen Hamilton, FoQIS CEO. “Our mutual customers are able to generate samples real-time just like the surveyors can. This not only simplifies the process but allows our customers to get quality results faster.”

Benefits for users

  • Time savings. Data interchange is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual uploading of assessments to FoQIS. Staff can be freed up to focus on more strategic goals.
  • Improved data accuracy. Automatic data updates eliminate errors or missing data due to manual processing. In addition, only valid assessments that have been accepted by CMS are utilized.
  • Simple, one-click integration. Activating the data connection requires only a simple one-click activation within SimpleMDS.

How it works

To activate the integration, the user administrator simply clicks “Enable” in the SimpleLTC admin view under “Application Connections” (detailed instructions available here). The SimpleMDS/FoQIS integration is free of charge to existing customers. To learn more about the integration, or how to enable it, please contact the SimpleLTC support team.

About FoQIS

FoQIS is the easy-to-use, web-based software that helps skilled nursing facilities improve survey results, manage the QIS process and implement QAPI. FoQIS simplifies the QIS and QAPI processes. It is the all-in-one solution to help your organization manage changes in the LTC regulatory environment. For more information, visit

About SimpleLTC

SimpleLTC software simplifies regulatory compliance, reimbursement optimization and quality measurement for long-term care facilities. More than 2,000 providers entrust their long-term care data to SimpleLTC and, as the largest third-party transmitter of MDS 3.0 assessments, SimpleLTC is recognized as a best-practice industry standard.

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