We’ve moved! SimpleLTC relocates to expanded headquarters

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Even when your name includes the word “Simple,” it’s never a simple endeavor to relocate your company’s headquarters.

A well-established technology company that provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) to 2,000+ long-term care facilities can’t just pack up a few boxes, unplug the servers and coffee pot, then drive across town and plug everything in again.

So when SimpleLTC decided to relocate to expanded office space, it took nearly a year of planning – which had to occur while still conducting the normal business of managing a cloud-based long-term care software environment and supporting thousands of individual users across the country.

But our employees are dedicated and put in the night and weekend hours required to ensure that customers experienced no delays in transmitting MDS assessments to CMS, submitting Texas LTCMI/MESAV forms, retrieving CASPER reports, analyzing MDS/UB forms, etc.

Plus, there are definite advantages to moving to new digs, which in our case include a more modern office space, collaborative work environments, state-of-the-art server and workspace environments, a ping-pong table for employee recreation, and even our own bike room for mobile employees.

We’ll miss our old office, tucked away in a quiet corner of North Dallas, which served us well for many years of growth. But the increasing nationwide interest in our products, along with the launch of SimpleAnalyzer™ for MDS and UB, made it apparent a larger space was vital.

Our new headquarters are located in the Richardson Telecom Corridor, just northeast of Dallas proper. The new address, for your records, is:

2435 N Central Expy, Ste 1510
Richardson, TX 75080 (map)

Thanks to all our employees who worked hard to make the transition seamless. And to our customers, please stop by on your next visit to North Texas. We’re open for business!

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