SimpleAnalyzer™ update: PDPM and QM reports simplified

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It’s a brand new year, and SimpleLTC is excited to kick it off with new features and enhancements to SimpleAnalyzer™.

So, what’s changed? In short, we’ve simplified our analytics tools so you can:

  • Quickly understand the factors impacting PDPM performance for each stay
  • Identify and prioritize high-impact quality measures
  • Maximize reimbursement with new PDPM scrubber rules
  • Access reports on the go with your phone or tablet

For a detailed breakdown of our new SimpleAnalyzer™ enhancements, scroll down. We’ll explain what’s different and show you where to locate the changes.

Updated PDPM Revenue Forecast report: Now with detailed resident stay information

Now that we’ve all had a few months to get familiar with PDPM, SimpleLTC has expanded our PDPM toolkit to help you master the new payment model. Our newly redesigned our PDPM Revenue Forecast report allows you to…

Get a financial snapshot of your residents

View the entire stay information in the PDPM Revenue Forecast table. By default, you will see:

  • Start and end dates for each stay
  • Total reimbursement by resident
  • Average daily reimbursement for each resident
  • And more

You can still customize which columns you’d like to display in the table, but we’ve simplified it with two new preset views. Rate view shows component rates and base rates and group view shows component groups, CMI information and other clinical data points.

View detailed PDPM metrics by resident stay

Hover over a resident in the table and click to view the improved resident accordion. The accordion contains detailed resident information with new PDPM component cards. Our goal was to simplify PDPM as much as possible, so we boiled it down to eight data points that determine component group > CMI > rate.

If an IPA or other assessment is included in a resident’s Part A stay, you’ll see that here. Underneath the component cards, you can view a daily reimbursement summary. The new functionality lets you easily see the impact of the daily receding adjustments for each group and any reimbursement changes caused by IPAs.

To locate the resident accordion, scroll down and select which stay you want to drill into.

What else is new in SimpleAnalyzer™?

Although PDPM is top of mind for most of us, we haven’t forgotten about Quality Measures or improving the overall user experience. Here are a few of the many enhancements we’ve made this year:

Quality Measure Crystal Ball

Quickly identify which quality measures are close to positively or negatively impacting overall QM Five-Star score. On the individual QM card, you’ll easily see if you’re one resident away from gaining (green) or losing (red) points towards your overall score, so you can easily spot high-impact quality measures to focus on first.

Mobile-friendly dashboard 

Did you notice the updated dashboard? That’s because we implemented some back-end changes to modernize the dashboard and make it mobile-friendly. Now you can access SimpleLTC reports on the go from your phone or tablet.

That’s not all… expanded PDPM rules now available

We’ve also added new in-depth PDPM scrubber rules, so you can double-check MDS batches prior to submission and identify opportunities before it’s too late. Look for these new rules:

  • PT/OT Function Score Bubble – This rule flags when your PT/OT Function Score is one point away from a better PT/OT reimbursement group, allowing you to revisit your Section GG responses.
  • Nursing Function Score Bubble – Same as above but the Nursing component excludes some GG items used in PT/OT.
  • NTA Function Score Bubble – This rule flags when your NTA comorbidity score is one point away from the next NTA reimbursement group.
  • IPA Lowers Reimbursement – Interim Payment Assessments (IPAs) are unscheduled assessments that are completely optional. If you submit an IPA that will lower your reimbursement for the stay, you may want to evaluate whether it is necessary.


If you have any questions about the new enhancements or have recommendations, please contact our Support Team. We appreciate your feedback, which helps us continue to provide the best and simplest analytics tools in the market!

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