The role of analytics and telehealth in post-acute care [video]

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When it comes to data-driven decision making and telemedicine, what you don’t know will hurt you.

The importance Big Data and analytics in healthcare is rapidly increasing as providers struggle to deliver quality care while maximizing reimbursement. In this enlightening presentation, Jason Jones and Ben Stotts of SimpleLTC use “magic” card tricks and real-world examples to show how data makes the difference between survival and extinction in today’s post-acute world.

Presented at the November 2016 meeting of the Texas Healthcare Association (THCA), this session covers several important topics, including:

  • What is Big Data and how does it apply to post-acute care?
  • What role will analytics play in the healthcare industry overall?
  • Specific examples of how data science and telemedicine will drive decision planning within post-acute care
  • Multiple case studies of how Big Data and telemedicine are being used to impact post-acute care

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