The coronavirus pandemic has caused emotional distress in nearly all who are impacted by it, but especially in front line staff. In this enlightening webinar, you’ll learn how to identify trauma, best practices for team building, and strategies to implement a trauma-informed care approach.

Dr. Figlerski with TeamHealth will address symptoms of trauma, stressors leading to PTSD and how to identify post-traumatic growth, so you can better assist your team with overcoming the mental effects of the pandemic.

What you’ll learn

    • Factors leading to trauma and how they contribute to trauma reactions
    • Trauma symptoms and how to differentiate them from common disorders
    • How to help team members cope with trauma and adjust to their circumstances
    • How to implement a basic trauma-informed care strategy at your facility

    Meet your speaker

    Dr. Robert Figlerski is the Director of Behavioral Health Services for the Mid-Atlantic region of TeamHealth, one of the nation’s largest providers of acute/post-acute care. He focuses on clinical, educational and research efforts in the area of Health Psychology and Rehabilitation, helping individuals adapt to challenges during the rehabilitation process and achieve the best quality of life. Dr. Figlerski conducts frequent training programs and seminars in the skilled nursing community.

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