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Simple, affordable, cost-effective. The return on investment of SimpleLTC products is proven every day in nearly 2,000 long-term care facilities.


Customers tell us they love using their SimpleLTC solutions. Our web-based tools are so easy to use, they’ll become a natural part of your daily workflow.


More productivity, improved workflow and better ROI. SimpleLTC tools simplify and automate your processes while maximizing reimbursement.


Cloud-based storage and redundancy ensures 100% availability. Your MDS and resident data is not only safe and encrypted, but always available.

Best practice

More than 2,000 providers have recognized SimpleLTC as a crucial part of their Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement process. And the list is growing.

Long-term care software people love to use


The simple, smart solution for UB-04 and MDS 3.0 analytics and reimbursement optimization

Comprehensively audit and optimize both MDS 3.0 assessments and UB-04 files. Proactively spot problems, inconsistencies and missing documentation. Maximize reimbursement, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce audit risk and improve overall quality of care.


Best practice for MDS transmission, quality measurement and CMS report access

Streamline MDS upload and final validation report processes for more accurate and timely reimbursement. Easily access and archive CMS/CASPER reports including submission, state, provider and QI/QM. Nearly 2,000 LTC providers benefit from its proven ROI.


Texas MESAV analysis and LTCMI automation, 3618/3619 and PASRR submission and reports

Automate LTCMI, 3618, 3619 and PASRR submission. Complete your LTCMI immediately upon MDS transmission. View 18 months of MESAV data. SimpleCFS sets the standard for Texas Medicaid optimization and is used by nearly 80% of Texas facilities.


Free-ebook 3-ways-your-MDS-transmission-workflow-is-hurting-reimbursement CTA2

3 Ways Your MDS Transmission Workflow Is Hurting Reimbursement

Learn why your reimbursement strategy could be suffering and how to prevent it.


About SimpleLTC

Our software simplifies regulatory compliance, reimbursement optimization and quality measurement for long-term care facilities.

Customers tell us they love SimpleLTC because our software dramatically simplifies their workflow and improves reimbursement.

More than 2,000 providers have entrusted their long-term care data to SimpleLTC. As the largest third-party transmitter of MDS assessments, SimpleLTC is recognized as a best-practice industry standard.

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