SimpleLTC MDS 3.0 Focused and Staffing Surveys 2015 webinar

In 2014, CMS piloted a focused survey in five states to assess MDS 3.0 coding practices and their relationship to resident care. In 2015, CMS will expand these surveys nationwide, as well as expand them to assess self-reported staffing levels. On Feb. 3, SimpleLTC and Texas Medicaid Coalition organized a free webinar to answer key questions about the new MDS survey requirements. Now you can watch it on-demand for free.

Webinar: MDS 3.0 focused surveys 2015

Webinar resources:

MDS 3.0 Focused & Staffing Surveys

What you’ll learn:

  • Purpose of the 2015 MDS focused and staffing surveys
  • Survey and enforcement process
  • Key findings from 2014’s pilot surveys in five states
  • MDS coding accuracy for these sections:
    • Item M0300: Accurate staging and documentation of pressure ulcers
    • Item N0410A: Coding antipsychotic drugs
    • Item P0100: Proper evaluation and coding of restraints

This webinar is presented by SimpleLTC and Texas Medicaid Coalition. Please share with your colleagues.