[Product update] Changes to PCSP form in SimpleCFS™

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To ensure compliance with TMHP and Texas HHSC, we’ve implemented the following changes to the PCSP form in SimpleCFS™:

PCSP form changes

New section: “A3110. Additional MI Specialized Services”

  • The following specialized services are now available 
    • A. Cognitive Processing Therapy 
    • B. Counseling Services (CBT – Individual or Group)
    • C. Crisis Intervention Services
    • D. Peer Support
    • E. Pharmacological Management
    • F. Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Screening – Brief Intervention Not Provided
    • G. Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Screening – Brief Intervention Provided

A2500A – Meeting Participation

  • Added “Habilitation Coordinator”, (“9. LIDDA – Habilitation Coordinator”) to selectable options.
  • Habilitation Coordinator can only attend in person (A2500B can only be 1.) in each nursing facility scenario, so we disabled the other options.

A2400 – Only Require Sections Based on Applicable Services. 

  • Specialized services section is enabled and required based on PASRR condition.
  • Disposition of applicable specialized services on the PCSP form.
    • IDD only => NF SS and IDD SS are required
    • IDD and MI => NF SS, IDD SS and MI SS are required
    • MI only => MI SS are required

A2500C – Added new Participant Title

  • Must display “15. Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP)” value in the “C. Title” listing AFTER “14. N/A” in the A2500 section.

Additional changes

  A2700 – Nursing Facility Specialized Services Indicated

  • Disabled if A2400 value is 2. MI Only Show

  A3200 – Nursing Facility Comments

  • Increased number of allowed characters to 1000 (previously 500).

  Nursing Facility Comments – General

  • Updated fields (A3200, A3300) can display complete 1000 character message in WEB VIEW and PRINT VIEW.


If you have any questions, please contact the SimpleLTC Support Team.

About the PCSP form

In January 2019, Health and Human Services (HHS) implemented a new PASRR Comprehensive Service Plan (PCSP) form, replacing Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Meeting and PASRR Specialized Services (PSS) forms. The PCSP form is available to both SimpleLTC customers (via SimpleCFS™) and users of the TMHP LTC Online Portal.

About SimpleCFS™ 

With SimpleCFS™, you can automate your Texas Medicaid forms processes, simplify daily workflow, and improve financial performance for one or multiple facilities. SimpleCFS™ significantly decreases time spent creating and processing forms. Click here to sign up for a free SimpleCFS™ trial.

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