[On-demand webinar] Texas PASRR training – New IDT requirements

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Texas facilities: This PASRR Technical Assistance Call (PTAC) from January 17, 2018, covers new IDT requirements for PASRR-positive individuals in Texas.


On Jan. 24, Texas HHSC asked us to pass along this important update to the content featured in this webinar:

At the PASRR Technical Assistance webinar call on January 17, 2018, you were informed of two policy changes regarding: IDTs for PASRR-positive individuals enrolled in Hospice; and IDTs for individuals whose facilities are involved in a change of ownership (CHOW).

You may proceed with the new process detailed in the webinar related to CHOWs; however, please do not conduct IDTs for PASRR individuals on hospice until further notice from HHSC. Some operational barriers have been identified related to the Nursing Facility Specialized Services (NFSS) automated system that will impact Nursing Facilities’ ability to bill for PASRR specialized services for PASRR individuals receiving hospice. If you have questions, please email PASRR.Support@hhsc.state.tx.us.

This brief webinar discusses recent changes made to Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Meeting requirements for Texas nursing facility (NF) residents deemed PASRR-positive. Specific new requirements are being implemented that related to a CHOW or when an individual is enrolled in Hospice. Be sure to review this content to understand how your facility will be affected.

[On-demand webinar] January 2018 PASRR training with Texas HHS: New IDT requirements

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Who should watch this webinar?

All nursing facility staff who work with the PASRR program, including those responsible for IDT meeting coordination.

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