Optimize your Five-Star rating with Simple

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Looking to increase your Five-Star rating? See how potential changes can impact your overall star rating and identify opportunities for improvement using the Five-Star toolkit within the SimpleLTC suite.  The suite only costs $259/mo per facility and you can try it for 30 days free.

SimpleLTC Five-Star toolkit includes…

Five-Star Interactive Planner

Test how potential changes to your current performance for the star rating domains (Health Inspection, Quality,  Staffing) can affect your overall Five-Star rating.

Health Inspection

Predict the maximum deficiency points allowed next survey to impact your star rating, view deficiencies from the past 3 cycles, and identify high-risk residents.

Quality Measures

View QM performance in real time and drill down to resident-level detail. Easily spot opportunities with colorful alerts and what-if testing.


Scrub your PBJ report and submit it directly to CMS. Predict Five-Star staffing rating, and forecast the cost of staffing level changes to optimize star rating performance.

What else is included in your subscription?

Workflow & Pre-Submission Scrubbing

Streamline your MDS and PBJ workflow. Scrub your files before you submit to CMS. 

PDPM, Function Scores, and More

Access benchmarking tools and analytics for PDPM, function scores, and more.

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