Texas SNFs: Nursing facility MDS authorization extensions

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This just in for Texas skilled nursing facilities: Announced on TMHP's LTC page, the NF eligibility, MN, and the current RUG will be extended for 90 days.  They are encouraging providers to complete MDS' as soon as possible.

Guidance to Nursing Facility Providers

The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is informing nursing facilities that HHSC is extending nursing facility minimum data set (MDS) assessment authorizations expiring through the end of April 2020 for 90 days.

Additional Information

Nursing facility eligibility, medical necessity, and the current Resource Utilization Groups (RUG) level will be extended for 90 days for those residents who would otherwise have an eligibility lapse, or until the MDS is completed, whichever is sooner. The daily Service Authorization System (SAS) files from HHSC will reflect this extension. It is vitally important that each facility conduct MDS assessments as soon as feasible to receive payment per the assessed RUG level.

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