Nominate your Texas facility for Reminiscence Therapy pilot

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Nominate your facility for Texas Reminiscence Therapy pilot

DADS will choose 100 Texas facilities for Reminiscence Therapy pilot

Nursing homes that are not participating in the Music & Memory pilot may nominate themselves for the Reminiscence Therapy pilot for residents with Alzheimer’s or other memory-related conditions. Interested facilities have until Aug. 7 to complete the nomination survey.

Reminiscence Therapy uses tangible prompts, such as tactile objects, recordings and familiar items, to stimulate discussion of past activities and experiences.

DADS will select 100 facilities for the pilot. Each facility will receive six different Reminiscence Therapy bags, each containing 8-10 items that relate to a specific theme. The bags are intended to tap into residents’ senses and help unlock memories of a beach, garden, baseball, etc. Triggering these memories can help families and caregivers have meaningful communication with the resident.

Does my facility qualify?

To be considered for participation, a facility must:

  • Have at least five long-stay residents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia
  • Have an established volunteer engagement program
  • Have an established family council
  • Have a full-time activity director

What happens if my facility is chosen?

Facilities selected for the pilot must agree to:

  • Participate actively in the pilot
  • Participate in a six-month study
  • Provide data to DADS as requested for the study
  • Expand the program – use Reminiscence Therapy with as many people as possible
  • Participate in 3-5 mandatory webinars
  • Sign photo and facility name releases

To learn more

For more information about the Reminiscence Therapy pilot, please contact DADS Quality Monitoring Program at

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