NEW: COVID-19 scrubber rules in SimpleAnalyzer™

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As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, SimpleLTC is working hard to provide resources and tools to help. In that effort, we’ve added 4 new SimpleAnalyzer™ scrubber rules to help you contain COVID-19 in your facility. 

Indication of Coronavirus and Contact with Others (COVID-19)

This rule flags if I8000 includes B97.29 and assessment indicates either:

  1. No isolation/quarantine has occurred, or
  2. The resident received group therapy minutes in the last 7 days

By default, this rule has been enabled and marked critical for every organization. 

Indication of Coronavirus

This rule flags if I8000 includes an active diagnosis of B97.29. This provides an easy to reference list of residents with indication of Coronavirus on the MDS Analysis dashboard report.

Indication of Group Activity

This rule flags if group therapy in the last 7 days is indicated in Section O. This is based on the CDC recommendation to cancel all "group activities and communal dining" in response to COVID-19.

Indication of Symptoms of Respiratory Infection

This rule flags if assessment indicates fever or shortness of breath in Section J. This is based on the CDC recommendation for "active screening of residents and HCP for fever and respiratory symptoms" in response to COVID-19.

Where to locate the new scrubber rules

To review your current SimpleAnalyzer rule settings, go to Admin Tab > MDS Rules Sub-tab > Submission Requirement.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about the scrubber rules or have recommendations, please contact our Support Team. We appreciate your feedback, which helps us continue to provide the best and simplest analytics tools in the industry.

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