[On-Demand Webinar] Medical Review – It’s Heating Up… strategies for staying cool

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Medical Review is heating up! Here’s how to stay cool…

Just like our summer, Medical Review is heating up. CMS announced in their 6/3/21 CMS MLN Connects that MACs may now begin conducting post-payment reviews of line items and services with extended dates of service later than the current March 2020.
During this on-demand webinar we discuss what we’re seeing in the current Medical Review activity, cover the primary differences between Medical Review under PDPM vs. RUGS, how to be prepared, and pitfalls to avoid. 


  • RUGs vs. PDPM Medical Review: What are the differences?
  • Medical Review trends identified to date
  • Strategies for mitigating risk
  • Understanding various auditing entities
  • How to monitor for activity
  • Overall keys to success

[Webinar] Medical Review – It’s Heating Up… strategies for staying cool

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Susan Krall, Chief Strategy Officer, QRM

Susan is a Physical Therapist with 30+ years of multi-state Post-Acute rehab management experience. Her client base includes privately owned and nationwide for-profit and not-for-profit SNFs and CCRC campuses. At QRM, Susan helps clients identify strategies for enhanced outcomes and patient satisfaction in today’s regulatory environment. 

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6 Comments on “[On-Demand Webinar] Medical Review – It’s Heating Up… strategies for staying cool”

  1. Hello. I was unable to download the information from the presentation today. Medical Review presentation.

  2. One of the best presentations I have viewed on this topic. A follow up presentation in a couple of months ,by Susan ,would be appreciated; her method of presenting is excellent.

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