[Watch] How set up and configure your SimpleMDS™ users

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With SimpleMDS™, you can set up a new user account in about 60 seconds…with no need to connect to the CMS VPN.

More than 2,000 long-term care facilities and SNFs use SimpleMDS to automate MDS transmission, manage CASPER reports, eliminate user error and optimize reimbursement. But even existing users sometimes don’t realize how simple it is to manage SimpleMDS users and their permissions within the product. All this can be done by the user without ever having to connect to the CMS VPN.

SimpleMDS lets you:

  • Set up a new user in about a minute by adding their employee information and details.
  • Automatically notify new users so they can can configure their own account passwords.
  • Set the user permissions so that information is restricted to only those personnel who need it.
  • Run reports of all your users so you can easily keep track of employee usage and security permissions.

Watch the brief video [1:49] for a quick walk-through of how to set up new users, configure permissions and find user reports. If you have questions or need help with user management, feel free to contact our Support Team.

About SimpleMDS™

Used by more than 2,000 LTC providers nationwide, SimpleMDS streamlines MDS upload and final validation report processes. Automatically transmit your MDS batches to CMS. Access and store CMS/CASPER reports. Achieve more accurate reimbursement…with no CMS VPN required. As the largest third-party transmitter of MDS assessments, with more than 15,000,000 assessments transmitted, SimpleMDS is recognized as the proven MDS transmission solution for long-term care. Learn more…

Automate MDS transmission to CMS, quality measurement and CASPER reports

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